This Is Exactly When Aladdin Will Be In Cinemas Plus The Actors Starring Alongside Will Smith And Plot Line Changes

Disney fans were treated to a first-look trailer of the upcoming Aladdin remake during Sunday night's Grammy Awards. 

Hollywood A lister Will Smith will make his debut as the Genie, alongside relative newcomer Mena Massoud as the titular hero.

In the trailer the Genie is shown with blue skin, an infectious smile and the signature black goatee from the animated classic.

Here is everything you need to know about the remake, including its release date, plot line changes and the latest rumours.

When is the cinema release date?

The live action remake will be released in UK cinemas on Friday May 24. 

Closer to the time you can book advance cinema tickets, to ensure you get to the film on the day it's released. 

Advance tickets are not on sale yet, they usually start to appear a few weeks ahead. 

Who stars in the remake?

Agrabah just got a lot hotter. Ooof! Gonna be keeping you posted on everything Aladdin peeps ;) #Disney #Aladdin #LiveAction

— Mena Massoud (@MenaMassoud) September 6, 2017 '> tweet

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This is exactly when Aladdin will be in cinemas - plus the actors starring alongside Will Smith and plot line changes
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