The Guide To Becoming An Actor In L.A

Acting classes are a great way to meet industry professionals and other actors, but they aren’t required.

While you don’t necessarily need formal training to become a successful actor, enrolling in an acting class is a great way to not only hone your craft, but also start to build a creative network here in L.A.!  There is no shortage of acting schools, conservatories, and private coaches in the City of Angels. Many schools and coaches allow students to audit a class before committing to a full term, giving you the freedom to shop around until you find the best fit. We’ve outlined a few here:

>Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre

: This world-renowned acting school, with campuses in NYC and L.A., offers actors the chance to train in the original Adler method and follow in the footsteps of greats like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. Adler offers a two-year immersion program, as well as individual course offerings for students seeking a more flexible option.

>The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

: The Lee Strasberg Institute is the only school that teaches Strasberg’s work “in its consummate form,” drawing from Stanislavsky’s trademark Method acting techniques. The school offers a variety of elective classes, including acting for TV and film, improv, script analysis, and audition technique, to name a few. Additionally, it offers part-time and full-time 12-week program options, as well as a two-week intensive program for those looking for a full immersion into Method acting.


: As acting coaches to some of the most successful actors in the film industry, Aaron Speiser and Shannon Sturges joined forces to start one of the leading acting schools in L.A., focusing exclusively on training actors for work in film and television. The school offers both technique and scene study classes, and is a practical choice for those looking to prepare themselves for the acting world of L.A., rather than those seeking a more conservatory-based approach. New students must commit to three months of classes. After that time period, memberships are available that provide flexibility to actors who may book out-of-town gigs.

As most acting opportunities in L.A. are in film and television, taking an on-camera technique class will give you a leg up when auditioning. We’ve outlined some of the best >here. Many acting schools and coaches also offer courses focusing directly on on-camera auditions. >Doug Warhit is a renowned acting coach who specializes in audition and on-camera technique. All of his acting classes are taped on-camera and then reviewed at home—a valuable experience for even a seasoned actor.

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The Guide to Becoming an Actor in L.A.
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