Featuring \'the World\'s Most Interesting Man,\' Breakout Independent Film \'Neither Wolf Nor Dog\' Comes To Casper

“A big part of the objective with the film was to really transport the audience into being present with this elder, and the lesson that the author has to go through is learning how to listen, learning how to inhabit space and things like that — so the film has that energy,” Simpson said. “And I thought it’s going to really work for the film’s audience but it won’t be for everyone. It will work very well for a portion of the world and then not for everyone else. So I’ve been surprised that it’s been a much broader appeal than I’d imagined.”

Source : https://trib.com/entertainment/movies/featuring-the-world-s-most-interesting-man-breakout-independent-film/article_37d0d0af-1def-501e-b76f-d8f2ed8949fa.html

Featuring 'the world's most interesting man,' breakout independent film 'Neither Wolf Nor Dog' comes to Casper
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