Closed Live – Camp Alphaville 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to this live blog. The camp’s website gives all the details but here’s the schedule for the main stage:

12:00pm Opening Remarks

Paul Murphy, Editor, FT Alphaville

Cardiff Garcia, Editor, FT Alphaville

12:10pm Keynote: Disrupting Death

Transhumanists advocate for overcoming human mortality. To do this, they aim to usher in technologies such as bionic hearts, mind uploading, exoskeleton technology, robotics, nootropics, 3-D printed organs, and cranial implants. They also aim to use Artificial Intelligence to reach the Singularity – a point where intelligence is so advanced it becomes unrecognizable to humans.

Collectively, these technologies and ambitions will forever alter the human species and make human life on Earth transhuman. Subsequently, they will also create vast amounts of new wealth, commerce, and industry.

Zoltan Istvan, Writer, futurist, philosopher and 2016 US Presidential Candidate

1:00pm Networking Break

1:15pm Keynote: The Global Financial Ecosystem 2000 – 2020: Evolution, Disruption, Calibration – Zoltan Pozsar, Director, Credit Suisse

Since 2000, which has been dubbed a “biblical year” for finance, the financial system has adapted more or less organically to regulatory changes imposed on it, but part of this evolution included the emergence and growing significance of the so-called shadow banking sector, in which the conditions for the financial crisis of 2008 were nurtured.

Will post-crisis reforms imposed since the global financial crisis have equally unexpected feedback effects on the system? If so, what industry blind spots are possibly emerging this time round?

2.00pm Keynote: What should we really be measuring? – Diane Coyle, CEO, Enlightenment Economics

GDP – as easy as ABC, 123?

Diane Coyle, economist and author of GDP: A brief but affectionate history, discusses the problem with the statistics we use to understand the economy. We use GDP and other figures to create economic narratives, but how valid are they? Are they really capturing the digital world? Should we be doing a better job of accounting for environmental damage? Will big data make it easier to describe the world around us – or will it instead create an even more confused picture of the economy?

2:30pm Networking Break

3:00pm Keynote: Will we crash again? – Steve Keen, Economist, Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

Professor Steve Keen, head of economics at Kingston University London, takes us through the conditions that led us to the current crisis, and shows that the conventional wisdom got the crisis back to front – in effect, they blamed the symptom for causing the disease. The real cause – the bursting of a private debt bubble – hasn’t been addressed, and lies in waiting ready to cause the next crisis in the next 2-5 years. A global crash may not occur – though one in China is a certainty – but the world has “turned Japanese” and false economic dawns will alternate with stagnation from now on. To escape, economists embrace unorthodox thinking and so must policymakers, but the odds are that they will not.

4:00pm Panel: China – Because Xi’s worth it

Anne Stevenson-Yang, Co-founder and Research Director, J Capital Research

George Magnus, Economist, author and independent advisor

Charlene Chu, Senior Partner of Autonomous Research Asia

Moderator: David Keohane, India Correspondent, FT Alphaville

5:00pm Keynote: Smart guy in the room – Andrew Fastow, former Enron CFO

Despite today’s more regulated and enlightened business environment, we continue to witness “Enron-esque” failures of corporate governance.

Enron’s former CFO will make observations about how the ambiguity and complexity of laws and regulations breeds opportunity for problematic decisions and will discuss what questions corporate directors, management, attorneys, and accountants should ask in order to ensure that their companies not only follow the rules, but uphold the principles behind them.

6:00pm Closing remarks

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Closed Live – Camp Alphaville 2015
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