Central Florida 100: ALICE, HUD And Hope For The Magic

Shelley W. Lauten, CEO, Central Florida Commission on Homelessness

Last week: We learned this week that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded our region with a grant of nearly $8 million to expand affordable housing stock and battle homelessness. This increase in funding is, in large part, due to a commitment our regional leaders made back in 2014 to change the way we work together to address homelessness. No more are agencies funded who aren’t committed to being part of a coordinated network of services that focus on housing people first, then providing the services needed to keep people in their homes. It’s working!! While many organizations are engaged, special kudos go to the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida for leading this massive community effort!

Looking ahead: I applaud Gov. Ron DeSantis for fully funding the Sadowski Housing trust fund in his 2018-2019 budget proposal. This is a welcome change from prior administrations which have swept nearly $2.1 billion from the Housing Trust...this could have been 94,000 units of desperately needed housing for residents across our state . To provide some context, Central Florida (Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties) currently has a deficit of approximately 118,000 units of housing needed for households making less than $35,000. Hopefully, the legislature takes the recommendation of the governor and fully funds Sadowski so we can begin pulling ourselves out of this housing deficit.

Source : https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/central-florida-100/os-central-florida-100-alice-hud-and-the-working-poor-20190208-htmlstory.html

Central Florida 100: ALICE, HUD and hope for the Magic
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