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TYRONE Hobbs was stunned when he received a Valentine’s card that wasn’t from his girlfriend Fiz Stape.

Kevin Webster has been teasing him that the card is from Mary Taylor who seems to have taken a shine to Ty. But is it from her? Let’s find out...

 The florist seems to have developed an infatuation with the mechanic>>1
The florist seems to have developed an infatuation with the mechanic

Did Mary Taylor send Tyrone Hobbs a Valentine’s Card in Coronation Street?

It’s certainly looking that way at the moment. Mary seems to have developed a crush on Tyrone after Dev Alahan told him Ty needed help with Fiz being away.

Mary has been spending a lot of time with the mechanic and his daughter Ruby, cleaning and cooking for them.

Tyrone was delighted at first but when Kevin started winding him up about Mary having a crush on him, he was worried.

When a hand delivered card arrived just after Mary left, the men became even more certain that Mary had developed feelings for Tyrone.

They decided to put their theory to the test and compare Mary’s handwriting with the writing on the card.

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Pretending to be buying some flowers for his imaginary Aunt Pat, Tyrone asked Mary if she could write out the card.

When Ty and Kevin got back to Tyrone’s house, they compared the writing and found it was a match.

Tyrone was horrified to realise that Mary was harbouring romantic feelings for him.

His girlfriend Fiz is currently away from Weatherfield.

She’s in Birmingham with her daughter Hope who has been referred to a specialist school to deal with her behavioural problems.

Tyrone has been struggling to cope being a single working dad and Dev suggested Mary help him out.

She’s impressed him with her Moroccan stew and fish pie – but it seems that Mary has more in mind....

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